(Online Arbitrage 2.0) How To Source Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon Without Virtual Assistants or Manual Work 2022

onegooddeal review - How To Source Profitable Products to Resell on Amazon Without Virtual Assistants or Manual Work 2022

The platform that will do your product sourcing for you—without it costing an arm and a leg.

It’s not a miracle, but it’ll sure feel like one.

If you’re looking to sell products on Amazon, you know how hard it can be to find the right product.

You need something that’s profitable, with a low enough selling price that customers will buy it—but high enough that you still make money. Plus, the product has to be in high demand, but not too high demand. And of course, the supply chain has to be stable and reliable…I mean, I could go on and on.

It’s possible to find these kinds of products manually, but that takes hours every day of research and data analysis. Not only is this incredibly expensive—and requires lots of man- or woman-power—it’s also tedious as all get-out. I mean, do you really want to spend your days combing through spreadsheets? No thanks!

Meet Onegooddeal.

Jude, the founder, created this awesome platform that automates the whole process so instead of spending hours digging through data—and then having to painstakingly compare and contrast each option with others out there—you can just log into our platform and see a curated list of hand-picked profitable online arbitrage leads for Amazon UK and US.

You pay as you go or just buy some credits and get sourcing. It costs 1 credit to get the deal which makes it super affordable for anyone.

In this video, I could have made 2700 in profit had I bought all deals from that sheet.

It’s really awesome. I wish a platform like this was there when I started 7 years ago.

Do yourself a favor and grab the deals before your competitors do. Oh, and here is extra 5% off FOREVER as a cherry on the cake – VLAD5

What are you waiting for? Grab ’em all now at https://go.fbacity.com/one-good-deal-amazon


Wouldn’t it be cool. If you had a team of virtual assistants looking for profitable, Amazon leads all day, every day, and you only get to pay them when you need them. And for the leads that you like the most. Well, my friends there is a platform for just this. There’s a platform called one good deal. And basically.

It has to do with manual work. There’s literally people behind this platform. It’s not a software it’s the leads are manually edits to the platform every day every day, seven days a week. And basically it has to do with something called Amazon online arbitrage, where you buy products from other online stores, such as Walmart you know, target or so, and flip it on Amazon.

So you buy. You buy cheap in Walmart and sell it high on Amazon. So that’s basically online arbitrage. Many people will do also something called retail arbitrage, but that has to do with you actually going there physically to the store. This is all online. You don’t need to, you don’t need to go anywhere physically.

I personally don’t do this anymore. I seven years ago when I started Amazon, it was a mix of private label and the. Arbitrage. I used to, I used to go crazy with, you know, extensions and all the, all the tools and manual work. It was, it was such a mess. It was a really profitable, not scalable profitable because I used to find quite a lot of leads, but it used to take a lot of time.

So I don’t know where this platform was seven years ago, but here it is today. And I’m going to tell you about it. So. Basically you will go to a, if you will go to one good deal.co and basically you will see page like this. So at first look, it looks like you know, online arbitrage software such as tactical arbitrage or something like that, but it’s not it’s as I said, it’s actually, you know, there are real people behind this platform manually adding.

Leads every day and they are vetted by them. So I really like this platform for that reason. And one, you know, it’s very fair as well, because sometimes, you know, you go to these platforms and or websites where they promise you leads and they just sell it to hundreds of other people. You know, I’ve been in the business for seven years.

I know very well how it works. You know, they just, they just resell it to more, more than one. That’s, that’s what is happening, especially with these, with these, you know, drop shipping and online arbitrage deals. So let’s have a look at the platform itself. Let’s go back to the dashboard. So when you arrive, you will see you know, It works on a credit score.

So basically create systems. So basically you buy credits and you buy deals. One, one deal costs a one credit. And basically, you know, if you go to the add credit section, so for example, for $26, I can buy 11 credits, which will be valid for eight days or for $47. I can buy forty credits and you know, I can get 40 products, which is, which is amazing.

This just saves so much time. I can believe that this platform exists and you can also pay as you go. So you can kind of, you know, add as many crates as you want, but then you kind of start crossing the $30 $30 mark. It’s not worth it. I guess you just buy it from here, but you have an option to buy it as you go.

So it’s really up to you. And basically when we go to , I sign up for the USA platform, but you can sign up for the UK. So it works both for the UK and USA marketplace. And basically you know, here are the, here are the deals. So right now I’m recording this video very early. They will be there based in the UK.

They will be adding products very soon. So you will see even you, you know, you will see added one hour ago and it’s 30 minutes ago. So it will be very recent when you, when you log in to the platform. Most probably so. Over here. If I wanted to, for example, this particular item the BSR is rather high, but let’s have a look, you know, I could have a look at the item.

I see the Keepa graph. So as a reseller or any Amazon seller, you should be able to read this. And it’s basically you know the BSR it’s, it’s a snapshot of, it’s a history of BSR of the bestseller rank and the moment. So, you know, if you are not sure. Well, the a hundred thousand BSR means you can go to tools like free jungle scout sales estimator.

He put the rank over here, which is the marketplace and you choose the category, which was no beauty and personal care. And you estimate sales. So it will tell, it will tell you 60, or you will have some sort of extension, you know, such as I use a bunch of them such as a viral launch or helium. But you would have something like this to tell you to estimate the sales.

So going back to the sheet, it tells you how much you can buy it for. In the, in the actual store, in the source store. So let’s say it’s target and it tells you how much you can sell it for on Amazon. And it tells you your fees and also the profit after paying Amazon and everything. And this is your return on investment.

So that’s, that’s awesome. And what you also can do, you can also You know, you can buy it for one credit or you can superbuy for one credit for five credits that actually prevents anybody else from buying it. So what’s happening here is that the platform allows up to five sellers. So if you really wanted to, you know, let’s say you wanted some other items, let’s say you want to do most profitable.

Let’s say, let’s say this item you want to just for yourself, you didn’t want to give it to anybody. If you bought. The superbuy will take five credits and you keep it for yourself and it disappears from the platform. So I think it’s quite fair, you know, up to five people, you can easily make profits all of you.

And also they say that they are you know, they want to see at least 20 units in stock of the, in this target store. So that’s pretty cool because. What you can do over here. Let’s have a look at, can actually see how much we could make from this, from hello, from this list over here. So let’s have a look, let’s base it over here.

Let’s have a look. What do we have? We can actually sum it up and see how much we could make. Should we buy all of this? So that’s 135 and okay, so here we go. So we can. Well, potentially by everything on that page.

And yeah. It’s how many, how many of those 2021 items yet we could buy potentially all the items on this particular page, because there are, you know, hand hand-picked and. Buy them for $285, you know, sell them for 6 25 and make profit of $135. Now they told me that they make sure that there is at least 20 items in this target store.

So I guess we can we can, you know, equals this times 20. So that means we have a potential profit or. You know, $2,700 for just this particular list over here. And that’s pretty cool. That’s pretty actually, that’s pretty good in my opinion. So what we can do, so let’s say you are paying, I dunno, you are paying, you can actually really automate this.

This is. This takes a lot of time to find these products a lot. So just by, just by, you know having the credits for buying these leads, you are already saving a ton of time, but you can take it further. You can have a virtual assistant for, you know, 200 bucks a month, just, you know, just give them a.

Prepaid credit card or something that is kept if you, if you don’t trust them or if you trust them, just give them a credit card that is loaded and they just go to these stores individually. and them. And let’s say you you know, that was how many, 20, 21 items. So let’s say, I don’t know, let’s say another $400 for, you know, prep.

If you don’t want to ship it to yourself, to your house, you will use something called prep center, where you ship these products to them. And you know, they, they prep it for you. So let’s say they take another dollar for that. So, you know, that leaves you with $2,000 profit. Your profit just from this list.

And again, tomorrow, or actually in now very soon they can come and they’re going to replenish this list. They’re going to add more. So, you know, this can add up really, really quickly. And I really love this platform and you know, if I wasn’t in private label, if I, you know, this is a, this is a really good opportunity to make some good money.

And basically what that also what I like. So let’s have a look at one of them. Let’s say we liked, I don’t know. Let’s say we liked,

let’s say we like this one so we can view it. And let’s say we like this one. Let’s say, you know, the source price on the five blah, blah, blah. Yes, we can make $8 profit. Okay. Let’s say we like it. We buy it now. So what’s happening is that. You know, it goes to my deals and here we go. So we can view the deal and it unlocks the source URL.

And also it also unlocks the, the Amazon link. So here we go. As you can see, we are in the store $25 and And on Amazon is $43. So this is the exact same exact same item. Yeah, it looks exactly the same. So you can just buy it from here you know, by 20 units or however, however many, you know, they let you to buy and, and yet the sales rank is not, not the best, but you can, you can make it work.

Let’s see how many, how monthly sales? 220. It’s not that bad.

Yeah. Seems like this would work, obviously look at you know, you will have to look at other data such as how many sellers there are, you know, how many people are selling it and all this. I don’t want to dive. Too much into that. I’m not logged in over here, but if you, you know, if you have keepa, okay, here we go.

So here a, you know, you need to analyze the offers as well. So as you can see, these people are, you know, these people are FBA sellers and usually the person that is. I also be able to rotate the buy box. And if you, you know, if you are priced competitively and you are FBA, so, you know, you can feel our price 2% close to the buy box, you will get the buy box and just try to stay away from products that Amazon is only selling as well, because it might, you know, it might be a bit harder to.

To compete. So what I really like about this is that by the way, there will be Amazon. There will be a yellow line if there was Amazon, but they also make sure that I was on, is not sold on not selling the items. So, you know, as I said, it’s hand picked it’s, it’s amazing. And if you don’t like this deal, let’s say you don’t really like this deal, what you can do, you can replace this deal.

So you can say. You know, what’s happening over here and you replace, and obviously don’t abuse this because, you know, you might, you might get away with few items, but they won’t let you abuse it. So be fair. I think this platform is amazing. You can also. You know, you can also grab your link and invite people for credits, and you can also use my code so you can use VLAD5 for 5% off forever.

So it’s really, really good deal. In my opinion, you can go to credits by credits and, you know, you would enter it at the checkout. You just enter a VLAD5 and you get 5% off. So yeah, I think that’s pretty it. about this platform, what I would do also, I would, I would combine this so you can let your friends sign up and tell them you don’t want to just sign up.

I will give you a 5% coupon off. So that way, that way they will actually sign up and you get some, you get some credits. So. Yeah, let me see if I didn’t miss anything. No, this is your dashboard. You know, it will tell you how many credits you have left and how many days yeah. How many deals are available again, it’s quite early now in the.

You know, here in Europe and they are, they are in they’re based in London. So this is one hour difference. So there will be adding the leads very, very soon. But yeah, you can, if you want to sign up for the UK platform, you will need to probably use another email. So it doesn’t, you can just switch over here, so you will probably need to sign up.

We know that an email, but it’s not a biggie this platform is amazing and just yet just make it work and be smart.

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