Limited offer: With each directory you'll receive 1 authentic distributor in the US + 2 Wholesale products that you can buy in bulk for at least 25% ROI and 3$ + Profit. Super limited. Expires when the timer below hits 0. Distributor and products will be sent manually within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Unleash Your Amazon Empire with Our Comprehensive Wholesale Database - Over Hundreds of Top Brands and Products to Download Now!

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Product research is the key to your Amazon FBA success

There are millions of products on Amazon. Just in the US, Amazon sells more than 12 million products.

Unfortunately, not all of them are winners.

And when you're selling products on Amazon, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your time and which ones aren't.

Do you know what would be great? If there was, like, a service that just did the heavy lifting for you—where all you have to do is provide them with your criteria, and they find you all the winning products on Amazon?

Can you even imagine? Getting rid of the guesswork and leaving it to the pros who have done this before and know where to look.

How much time would that save you? How much money could you make with that extra time?

Well, wouldn't you know it—that's exactly what FBA City does. We are a product sourcing powerhouse that specializes in finding winning products that meet your criteria on Amazon. There's no guessing work involved because we've spent years researching and building our algorithms to find the right products for our clients.

Old way of finding wholesale products to sell on amazon

  1. You sign up for overpriced courses to find out how to find winning products to sell on Amazon
  2. You start searching for the endless list of categories and subcategories to find products that fit the criteria
  3. You open products one by one to check the stats
  4. After an hour, you find your first potential opportunity and note it down into an excel sheet
  5. After a week, you compile a decent list of 50 opportunities which you now narrow down further
  6. You open new tabs and see the website of each brand and dig through it to find their contact information
  7. You now send emails or call suppliers and hope they allow you to open up a wholesale account.

  • We don't know about your, but this will take you months in order for make this work.
  • We have a better way for you ...

Announcing Wholesale Vault 2.0

Instead of all the manual research, why not buy ready made packages manually researched for you by seasoned professionals? Here are the criteria (done for you):

  1. No Amazon on the listing!
  2. Each product is under 100,000 BSR + the rank DOES NOT fluctuate. We have checked each and every product's rank history manually to make sure of this.
  3. Price between $20 - $70 - Price does not fluctuate (same as BSR above)
  4. Each lead will have a contact information
  5. Only 4+ ratings
  6. Few competitive sellers
  7. Direct supplier information
  8. Access details such as price, number of sellers, FBA sellers, fees, Estimated Sales a month and other valuable information.
  9. NEW (Added in June) - Each product will now have a listing quality score manually got with a chrome extension. This way you know which products are underdeveloped so that you can use it in your pitch to suppliers.

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Why Amazon Wholesale

Wholesale reselling is a very scalable business model on Amazon. You will be selling products that already have demand and consistent sales! No more worrying about trying to launch a private label product that may or may not be successful.

A wholesale model is, in some ways, a less risky business model than retail arbitrage or private labeling. Since you aren’t the brand owner you don’t carry the risk, responsibility, and liability that comes with manufacturing a product and creating a brand. Instead you are selling products that have proven reputations, and you can focus solely on the work of selling the product.

What it boils down to is that a wholesale model has greater stability than a retail or online arbitrage model, and fewer moving pieces and potential pitfalls than private labeling.

Benefits of Wholesale

  • No PPC spend needed
  • No Chinese suppliers needed
  • You don't need to create your own brand from scratch
  • Easy to get up and running
  • Less capital needed

Benefits Of This List

Let's talk about why you should get list with amazon fba wholesale suppliers

Save Time

Get Amazon wholesale products on a silver platter. No need to manually search - all the work is done for you. Just pick up the phone and start dialing.

Supplier Contact

Supplier contact information included so that you don't have to waste time going through their websites and dig through them

No Tools Needed

Save money on expensive product research tools and courses to even get to this intense list of data

Instant Access

Instant download of hundreds of proven products manually researched by humans backed by juicy bonuses!

No More VAs!

No more expensive an no-result driven VAs that need to be explained 100 times what to do and even then they cannot find these golden nuggets.


Get access to a ton of bonuses that will get your going. Extra leads, suppliers, proven templates, resources and more!

Here is What They Say

I was looking for a way to find wholesale Amazon FBA suppliers, and I found FBA City. I tried their service and it was impressive.

First of all, the amount of products offered is incredible: it would have taken me weeks to research on my own. It's amazing how many possibilities there are out there!

I also really like the fact that they have different categories of products to choose from, so you don't have to look for something specific—you can just search for all the wholesalers who sell your type of product. That's very convenient!

I am also very familiar with latest Amazon wholesale education such as Wholesale Formula and Leaf Sourcing techniques. I spoke to Vlad from FBA City and he is an absolute pro at this and so is his team. Very sharp and advanced guy who can crunch huge numbers into comprehensive files. You won't find a similar service online - I tried, but there is no Google result for this other than here at fbacity.

Maria Austin

Wholesale Seller

I love the way FBA City makes it easy to find profitable wholesale Amazon leads. I’m a busy person, and I don’t have time to research and try out all of these tools myself—especially when it comes to finding the right ones to sell on my own Amazon store. I don’t want to waste my time on something that isn’t going to make me any money, so this service is incredibly valuable. I’m also impressed by the sheer amount of products they have available, which would have taken me weeks if not months to research on my own!

Robert Stewart

Wholesale Seller

We Know The Game Very Well

We have been doing Amazon Private label and Wholesale for ages. We know what's up, we know the latest trends and we love Amazon data!

Get Access To Our Hand-Picked Wholesale Product Packages Now!

Newly added in April 2023

Choose Your Package

Limited offer: With each directory you'll receive 1 authentic distributor in the US + 2 Wholesale products that you can buy in bulk for at least 25% ROI and 3$ + Profit. Super limited. Expires when the timer below hits 0. Distributor and products will be sent manually within 24 hours of your purchase.

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Office (US)

Newly collected data!

Unleash Massive Profits with Our Exclusive Wholesale Database - Over 737 Top-Selling Products and 230 Unique Brands in the Lucrative US Office Category Await You!

Grocery (US)

Dominate the Grocery Market with Our Comprehensive Wholesale Database - Unlock Hundreds of New Brands and Top-Selling Products for Your Amazon Business!

Health (US)

Elevate Your Amazon Business with Our Exclusive Health and Household Wholesale Database - Discover Hundreds of Top Brands and Best-Selling Products Today!

UK Data

100s of unique brands and 1000s of wholesale winning products are coming to you soon in the UK market.... stay tuned!

DE Data

100s of unique brands and 1000s of wholesale winning products are coming to you soon in the German market .... stay tuned!

Wait! There Is More Bonuses!

List of 500 Wholesalers in USA ($497 Value)

This is a special list for USA wholesalers to add to your wholesale toolbelt. These suppliers are way easier to approach and in most of the cases you don't even need a reseller certificate to get their inventory file and place orders with them.

Proven Scripts ($97 Value)

Proven scripts to cold call your suppliers or send them an email. This will dramatically increase your chances of success.

Our Recommended Resources and Videos ($97 Value)

We will give you a list of our recommended videos we would watch if we were just starting out and we will also show you the best tools to use for wholesale so that you can find your own products should you want to do so.

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Here Is Everything You Are Getting

Total Value: $1997

Only Today! Order This Wholesale Mega Offer For $697:


Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need in order to set up wholesale accounts?

You need a resale license/certificate in order to set up wholesale accounts with these suppliers (brands). You will also be getting


Where are these suppliers located?

We normally focus on the US market but we are also expanding this offer to Europe and other countries. Please check the pricing table above for more information regarding the leads you will be buying.


Do I need any other tools to validate the data?

No, we have run these through not only manual research but also through Keepa, Helium10, Jungle Scout and Viral Launch so that you get he best results for your leads.


Do you provide supplier information?

Yes, this sheet includes supplier / wholesale information with their email address and /or telephone number on the business and even its decision maker. This has taken us weeks of manual labor to compile.


Do I have a guarantee that I can sell these products?

No, there is no guarantee. In order to increase your chances of wholesale approval, we recommend having a website and a branded email address. If you are looking for the distributors/wholesalers of these brands you may want to check out our wholesale service here where we actually open accounts for you.


Will the file include profit calculations?

It will BUT it won't be based on the actual prices. We based the prices on 30% of the buy box price for the sake of FBA calculations and for you to have target prices. It is humanly impossible to stay updated with 1000s of brands and prices of tens of thousands products they carry.


Can I use this info for my clients?

Definitely. We have freelancers in mind. Your clients will love you, in fact.


Can I see a sample?

Sure. Click here to open a quick video preview.


Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately we do not. There is no way to "take back" the digital file once it's yours and we have spent months compiling this information into a comprehensive file which is now accessible to you. We are very confident you will love this list and we will also change the lead if there is any issue.


Can I contact you if I have any questions?

Definitely. You may contact us via website, email or our various social media channels such as Instagram or Linkedin. Combined, we have more than 50,000 people following us - surely you'll find us 😉


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