Amazon USA Best Sellers – Health And Household (Jan 2021)

heatlh and household fba amazon

Curious to see what the competition looks like in the USA? Struggling to find your next private label or wholesale product to sell on Amazon? Don’t worry – we’ve got you!

Check out this large list of best-selling 19,938 products in the Health and household category with detailed statistics on revenues, profits, competition and more!

Wholesale sellers are gonna love us for this one – See the number of FBA/FBM sellers also as the name of the sellers who holds the buy box vs brand which will help you with your reverse wholesale sourcing decisions. Private label sellers might find something great too!

We have also assumed the cost of goods sold (COGS) as 25% of the 30 day average buy box price so that you can see what the potential profit could be.

What are you waiting for? Access the list now and discover your golden nugget.

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