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What many people do not understand is that product research is a complex process that requires a unique combination of talent, creativity, knowledge and experience. Without it, you can easily waste a lot of money and perhaps even lose your business.

There are a good number of tools on the market including Jungle Scout, Viral Launch, Helium10 and others but there are also some which are lesser-known yet (even more) powerful in certain aspects.

Introducing Seller Sprite – my latest product research tool introduce to me by my Chinese partners.

Check it out – it has some pretty interesting filters which I have not seen in any other tool out there. The tool creator also gave me a special code for you guys so go ahead and use VLAD30 at the checkout to enjoy a sweet deal of 30% off the total price.

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Hey, what’s going on? This is Vlad from FBA City.

I’m jumping here quickly to record this video to show you a product research tool I have been playing with for a while now.

It was brought to my attention by my Chinese partners because the software is actually Chinese.

And at first I was very skeptical because, you know, the English is not so good.

It looks a bit gimmicky if I may call it so, but oh boy, I was wrong.

Actually, I was very wrong because when I checked the data, I was really positively surprised.

So let’s have a look at what we got over here.

So I mainly use it for product research.

As I said, although they have a bunch of other features, I don’t necessarily use them.

Some of them actually appear to be broken, like this one.

I haven’t managed to make it work, but the keyword research.

And let’s start with the product research.

I want to show you there are a bunch of filters which I have not found anywhere else.

So for example, first of all, you can search by obviously by all countries or most of the countries, and then you have what I really like is that you can actually select the month when the trend was really popular.

So that can be really helpful if you want to kind of dig deeper into the months.

So that’s pretty cool.

But look at these filters over here like they are so rich in data.

This might excite Amazon seller.

Sorry, private label seller and wholesale seller as well.

If I am searching for wholesale products, these filters are going to be really useful to me.

And look at this.

You can actually filter by seller location.

How cool is that?

You can even drill down whether they have a plus, whether they are best selling new release, all this stuff which is really powerful, in my opinion, by LQS.

So that’s great if you are looking for wholesale products, of course, even private label.

But wholesale comes to my mind because I’m creating a wholesale directory right now, and I have been using this software for both for private label research and for wholesale research.

And it enhanced my data quite a lot.

So you can filter by the growth of the sales or revenue in percentages, which is super cool.

So even by whether it has questions and answers,

I’m really surprised at how detailed the product research is, and it seems like it’s kind of like unfiltered.

I don’t know.

I have a feeling that in the other tools like

Jungle Scout and others,

I feel like there’s some data missing or it’s very hard to find them.

I just basically either I go to Helium 10 or Viral Launch.

Viral launch is my favorite.

Helium 10 is my second favorite when it comes to product research, but definitely my number one.

When it comes to keyword research,

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend you use these for keyword research.

It’s pretty basic.

Cerebro from Helium 10 is going to be way better than this.

But it doesn’t matter because I’m showing this to you for the reason for the product research purposes, and it’s absolutely amazing for that.

So look at these filters.

So this is like if you are doing any product research at all, you know how keyword

looking at the product research at the keyword level is very important.

So it shows you very good data.

So let’s just have a look at you can even search by demand to supply ratio.

I don’t know any other tool that can do this.

To be honest, by PPC bids. Click concentration.

It seems like they are pulling data from brand analytics as well.

So let’s say I’m on the product.

That is awesome.

You need to kind of navigate around and use your common sense.

So, for example, like purchase.

In this case, it would mean that the unit sold a month.

So that’s what it means.

It seems like they used Google Translate, but anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I’m sure you are smart enough to navigate through.

But look at this.

What I really like is that you can quickly tell the trends straight away over here so you can tell whether it’s seasonal or not or it’s rising or downward heading trends.

So that’s very interesting.

And if you hover over the title, it shows the image as well.

So you can really drill down into markets really quickly.

And here is good data as well. But look at this.

So you can actually see a bunch of other data over here.

What I really like is that they integrate with Google trends like this.

But what I like even more that they actually integrated with Google Shopping data.

So that’s actually absolutely amazing, because obviously Google Shopping is there for people go there to shop items.

So that’s absolutely amazing, in my opinion. Click concentration.

Not sure why it’s not Loading. To be honest.

Over here. Here we go.

So not much happening in Google shopping, but click concentration.

Ppc bids.

It’s absolutely amazing.

So let me show you a bunch of other features.

I don’t want to make this too long.

Let’s say we go to Amazon.

Let’s say we search for I don’t know, some best sellers.

So it will do a bunch of stuff as you can see it’s pulling the data right here.

So if you are in especially wholesale, you want to see certain data and you can see it.

I mean, Jungle Scout does this as well.

But what I really like about this tool that it does something else.

I’m not sure if you’re noticing, but it’s pulling the seller’s location and look at this so you can quickly tell where the seller is from.

So that’s actually amazing in my opinion.

So let’s have a look at certain keyword.

Let’s say we were selling giant pop it.

Let’s say pop it keyboard.

Let’s say this one.

And I like that it has the search data right over here so you can analyze the niche quickly.

Also, you can Google Trends, click concentration PPC bids so you can analyze it very quickly over here.

But of course, it has the extension as well, which is, by the way, integrated with Keepa as well.

So it has Keepa data in it.

And it’s very interesting data over here.

But what I like the most is there when you analyze it further, can hit analyze now, look at the data it gives.

I have not seen a tool that gives so much data.

Look at this pretty amazing. I’m really positively surprised with the data. This tool gives it’s really rich.


Other tools like the Review analysis and stuff don’t even bother or reverse ASIN.

I mean, it’s pretty basic, but it’s good enough, but I don’t think any other tool can compete at the product research level with this one.

So I think that’s pretty much it.

I spoke to the owner and they gave me a discount code for my audience.

So if you use VLAD30 at the checkout, it will give you a discount of 30%.

I think it’s around $100 a month.

They have a free trial as well for five searches or so.

Definitely look it up, but it’s really powerful.

I have been using it for about two months now and I found some really interesting opportunities.

In fact, the pop its I showed you we’ve been selling pop its for a while now, but for about a year, the trend has been there for a while.

In fact, I sample over here of pop its vision recently, but I’m discovering all these new markets and submarkets with this tool because of its data.

So definitely give it a try and I will see you on the next one.

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