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A Little Lost Duck LLC

Proposal presented by: FBA City

We appreciate the opportunity to present our expanded range of services to you. FBA City is committed to providing comprehensive solutions for Amazon FBA businesses. In addition to wholesale account opening and product selection, we are excited to introduce our professional e-commerce website creation service. This proposal outlines the scope of our services, pricing, and timeline for your consideration.

Scope of Services

Wholesale Account Opening

FBA City will handle the process of opening five wholesale accounts on your behalf with wholesalers in the United States. Leveraging your company details, email, and resale certificate, we will efficiently facilitate the account setup process and ensure a smooth experience.

Product Selection

Upon successful wholesale account opening, FBA City's expert team will meticulously analyze your inventory files to suggest profitable products suitable for Amazon FBA. We will consider all associated fees, ensuring optimal profitability for your business.

E-commerce Website Creation

We are excited to offer our professional e-commerce website creation service, which includes the following: ㅤ Store Design: Our experienced designers will create a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website that reflects your brand identity and captivates your target audience. ㅤ Product Import: We will import 100 products from 10 different categories sourced from Amazon. These products will be carefully selected to ensure a diverse range that aligns with your target market and offers maximum potential for sales and profitability. ㅤ Category Organization: FBA City will diligently categorize and organize the imported products within your e-commerce store, making it easy for customers to navigate and find their desired items. ㅤ Payment Integration: We will seamlessly integrate secure payment gateways to facilitate smooth transactions, ensuring a secure and trustworthy shopping experience for your customers. ㅤ Mobile Optimization: Our team will ensure that your e-commerce website is fully responsive and optimized for mobile devices, enabling customers to browse and make purchases conveniently from their smartphones or tablets. ㅤ SEO Optimization: We will implement essential search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to improve the visibility of your e-commerce website in search engine results, driving organic traffic and increasing your chances of generating sales. ㅤ Training and Support: FBA City will provide training and ongoing support to help you manage and update your e-commerce website efficiently.

Your Investment

The investment for our Wholesale Account Opening, Product Selection, and E-commerce Website Creation service. This fee covers the opening of five wholesale accounts, the selection of profitable products, and the creation of a professional e-commerce website with the import of 100 products from 10 different categories.

Wholesale Account Opening (5 Wholesalers x 3 Products From Each)
E-commerce Website Creation

Total: $1500

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