What to sell on Amazon

With Winning Examples (2020)

Today, I am going to be showing you what you can sell on Amazon in 2020 with multiple free ideas.

  • High Margins
  • Low competition
  • High Demand
  • Private Label
  • Wholesale
  • Bonuses


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Chapter 1

Private Label Products

Love private (white) labeling with high profit margings? Don't like to share the buy box with other sellers? Here we go.

  • Balloon Arch Kit (12K/m -57 AVG Reviews)
  • Bonus 1 - 231 Household Leads
  • Bonus 2 - 175 Garden Leads
  • More coming soon!
amazon private label


A - Z

Private Label Leads

If .you are like me, you love the private label model for its profit margins. Yes, they can climb up to 50% if you are really good at branding and marketing. Apart from that, there is no need to compete with anyone on the listing and all the profits are basically yours (Beware of Hijackers, Yuk!)

You have been there. You got to know about Amazon FBA and its lucrativity, watched some Youtube videos and got all pumped about the whole Amazon business model.

You went ahead and bought jungle scout chrome extension and started to do your own research. It is all exciting seeing all those numbers jungle scouts pulls off, however you have probably experienced burn out at some point. The data is all exciting but how do you make sense out of it? What are the good ones?


But luckily...

The number of keywords you must have entered before finding any profitable niche is so tiring let alone the fact that there are 406 million products on Amazon.com alone.

I have seen this fact multiple times throughout my Amazon researching career. Luckily I have found some ways to find these products much easier and I decided to share them with you.

What products to look for:

private label criteria

The above graphic from Jungle Scout summarizes pretty well what you need to look for when searching for a private label lead.

High Demand

Look for products that have a high demand on Amazon. The general rule of. thumb would be products that are selling at least 300 units a month which would be 10 units a day on average.

There are multiple tools to help you to calculate the sales but if you are on a budget, you can check out Jungle Scout's free estimator. Just choose a marketplace, enter the rank of the product with its category and there you will have its estimated sales a month.

Obviously, you want to dive in a bit deeper and you want to see the average sales for all competitor not just this particular product.

If you sell private labeled products, you are going to love these free leads.

Are you ready? Let's go!

Balloon Arch Kit

Our old time favourite screenshot from Jungle Scout:

Spicing it up with some Keepa graphs - History is very important when searching for products! You don't want invest in a product that has just a temporary spike in sales.

Yes, there is more for the data hungry sellers (I just love the 90 day averages - such powerful statistical points!)

Spicing it up with my favourite - Viral Launch Market Intelligence.

Excellent search volume with high product idea score - I'll take it!

You have got to love averages.

Double check everything

And don't forget to check on profits (of course):

Want more ideas? Here we go

Top Selling Categories

As you probably know, Amazon has its own list called Amazon Best Seller List which gives you access to the hottest products on Amazon right now with the top selling categories listed as well.

Not all will be suitable for private label however.

This is why have created a little infographic for you which will show you the best private label categories to tap into with a little bonus of the number of products in each.

private label categories amazon fba

BONUS - 231 Private Label Leads in Health and Household Category

amazon health and household
[thrive_leads id='5132']

BONUS 2 - 175 Private Label Leads

Garden Category

amazon fba private label files

Chapter 2

Wholesale Products

Not ready to build a brand or spend hundreds of dollars on PPC? Don't worry. In this chapter you are going to get ton of wholesale leads.

  • High Sales Velocity
  • Low competition
  • Few FBA Sellers
  • No Private Labeled
  • Wholesale

amazon fba wholesale


A - Z

Wholesale Leads

Wholesale leads are pretty unique because you don't have to build any brand or spend any money on PPC (Pay Per Click) or Sponsored Ads. The traffic (people visiting the listing) is already there and someone before you has already done the heavy lifting.

The product is most probably well-ranked, and you get to piggyback off of this money making listing. All you have to make sure is that you read the keepa graph well and know how many sellers you are going to be sharing the buy box with.

Let's have a look at this ASIN - B00G6KGPFM





Competitive Sellers


There are quite a lot of sellers but no FBA Seller meaning you would be easily getting the buy box should you be the first FBA seller on this listing.

And even if not, you would be probably competitive with the first 3 (well 2 technically since the first one is about to run out of stock) sellers. The current buy box price is $31 and only people within 2% of that price are really competitive in terms of getting the buy box.

And some more info...

Funny thing is that this listing has one image and non exisitng copy. What a value proposition to the brand owner?!

And we didn't even mentioned the revenue and sales. Booom

Yes, yes. I know ...

That doesn't inlcude the product cost and shipping so let's assume you get the pack for 12 bucks and ship it for another 2.

Then divide the sales with the one competitive (and stocked) sellers and you still gonna be making $6,940.50 every month just from this one product!

The best part of this? There are thousands of products like these waiting to be discovered by YOU!

Yes you!

Chapter 3

Top 5000 Amazon Best Selling Products

In this chapter you are going to get Top 5000 Amazon Selling products in multiple categories with super detailed statistics. This will help both - Private label and Wholesale sellers. Enjoy!

  • Kitchen and Dining
  • Computers and Accessories
  • Musical Instruments
  • Pet Supplies
  • More to come...


A - Z

So you thought this can't get any better? Well, think again! ...

I have compiled a list of top 5000 Amazon Best Selling Products (US) in various categories and decided to give them away for free again!

This list is special and you won't find it anywhere else on the internet. I have tried to find something similar but could not. Neither viral-launch nor Jungle Scout deliver such detail as FBA City.

You may also use custom filters to get to the best selling amazon products whether its wholesale or private label.  

Everything is nicely organized in an excel sheet which you can access directly on this page. It includes data such as total profit, estimated sales on amazon, BSR (Best Seller Rank), Buy Box type, Brand, Amazon titles, AmazonURLs, EAN, UPS, Ebay Links, Made-in-China and Alibaba links, Size, weight and a lot of other important metrics. 

Watch this page as this list is going to grow!


Let's go

Here is the full list:

Here is the full list:

Here is the full list:

Here is the full list:

Here is the full list:


So here you have it! As promised - Best page on the internet right now with actionable products you can actually sell on Amazon.com

Missing some products? Would you like your own, custom research?

Contact me and start your research now!

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