High Demand, Low Competition Amazon Winning Products in just 2 days! (New Year Special)

Ditch Amazon product research tools and outsource the whole process. This is the latest custom niche product research on the market right now!

About This Research

Do you know what the most common amazon product selection strategy is?

Step 1) Buy jungle scout extension

Step 2) Run 100s of scans 

Step 3) Giving up out of frustration

What if you don't have to leave it to manual search and instead did it smartly (and fast)?

Finding the right product isn’t a mystery (or a miracle) it’s a process with steps that can be broken down into bite-sized pieces and achieved over time.

Having someone to find your next home run ideas to sell on Amazon can be a powerful way to speed up that time, but many people hold back because they don’t know where to start. And I want to change all that.

vladimir amazon fba research seller

Hey, my name is Vladimir and I have helped hundreds of Amazon sellers to find the right products to sell on Amazon.

The reality is, most of the sellers quit before they even start - at the product research phase!

I don’t blame you, there are 450 million products on Amazon US alone so how to select the right product?

Luckily I found a solution to this and I bypass all of this frustration by handing you the winning products.

You don’t even have to have any expensive subscription such as Helium 10, Jungle Scout or Viral-Launch because you will be given all of these reports upon delivery with so many other bonuses!

In just TWO Days!

Here are some of the few courses I’ve t taken on an Amazon FBA and


  1. Amazing Selling Maching X (ASMX)
  2. Kevin David - Amazon FBA Ninja
  3. Brian Dean - Seo That Works 3.0
  4. Ezra Firestone & Jason Fladlien - Operation Physical Products
  5. Dan Meadors & Eric Lambert - The Wholesale Formula (2019)
  6. Matt Clark and Jason Katzenback $0 to $100,000 on Amazon
  7. Ben Cummings - Search Find Buy
  8. Derrick Struggle - Amazon FBA Heroes

Look, we both know talk is cheap.

Why not hire me and find out for yourself how I can quickly deliver great Amazon product opportunities in just 2 days?

Become your own boss and take back your freedom by getting started with our private label research today.

Order now!


No Patents

Low Seasonality


Low Competition

High Margins

High Demand

Price $15 - $70

High Opportunity Score

Balloon Arch Kit

Have a look at this example product research so that you know what to expect upon the delivery.

Jungle Scout Reports

Your research will be backed up by the data from the latest market research tools including everyone's favorite - Jungle Scout.

Viral Launch Reports

The most sophisticated Amazon product research tool for validating product ideas.












Amazon FBA Private Label

Product Research Made Easy

Page One Statistics







Here is what you get

Upon delivery you will receive detailed PDF report about each product / niche along with Microsoft Excel

or Google Sheets reports including keywords and competition breakdown 

Average sales per page one
Review analysis (what to improve)
Average BSR (Best Seller Rank) per page one
 Average Price per page one
Average Revenue per page one
Competition breakdown
Average Review Rating per page one
Indication of how many reviews you need to sell well
Average price trend
Estimated sales trend
Suggestion on how many reviews are needed to sell well
Suggestion on how many units are needed to be given away to sell well

Page ONE Listings table
Market Trends
Viral Launch Analysis 
Cost Calculator
Jungle Scout report
Keyword analysis
Keepa reports
Competition breakdown
Price history 
Sales history
Possibility to continue our contract to source and launch provided leads
Bundle ideas

+ 5 FAT Fast Action BONUSES

With your order you will also get:

BONUS #1 - Amazon FBA Guide ($97 value)

This is a comprehensive guide on how to sell on Amazon from A-Z. You will learn everything from sourcing products to negotiating with suppliers. Yes, this is completely free with you order.

BONUS #2 - Launch Formula ($197 value)

Rank any product on page in one week! This guide will show you everything you need to know about ranking products on amazon and dominate ANY niche on the platform.

BONUS #3 - Keyword Research ($47 value)

Find out the most used keywords on page one so that you can create the most converting listing and crush it in the search engine of Amazon also known as -> A9 - Exact search volumes - broad search volume - Suggested CPC - Dominant categories.

BONUS #4- Reverse ASINs ($97 value)

Dig your Amazon competitor seller keywords with Amazon Reverse ASIN report. This report will include a reverse ASIN search on your top 3 competitors. You will see clearly where they are ranking for specific keywords and also how many units you will need to give away to rank on page one for that specific keyword phrase.

BONUS #5 - Supplier Template ($47 value)

You will also be given supplier contact template so that you can approach your suppliers professionally resulting in better prices and relationships. 

BONUS #6 - My all TOP 5000 sheets ($497 value)

This is my biggest bonus I have EVER given out but I really want to make this order special for you! This spreadsheets are super ninja and they go way beyond my typical research. You will find Top 5000 products in various unrestricted categories and they will include revenues, profits (assuming 33% COG - Cost of Goods), number of sellers, buy box sellers, number of reviews, their ratings and many more!

Total Value Of These Incredible Free Bonuses $982

+ Many Great SURPRISE Bonuses after the delivery!


Not Happy with your lead? - Give us a valid reasoning why think this lead is not what you are looking for and we will happily replace it. Please note that your reasoning must be validated by data, common sense and screenshots. 

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Are you ready for this?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee the revenue I will make from the products you researched?

A number of factors come into play to make a product succeed or fail like the quality of the listing description, the quality of pictures, listing optimization and . The only guarantee I can give you is the authenticity of the reports that show the product potential revenue.

Can you find me products, with high demand and low competition, to sell?

Absolutely. All of your products will be profitable and meet your desired criteria. 

I want to customize my order. Can I do that?

Yes. You can leave order notes at the checkout page.

Do you do keyword research as well? 

Yes! We do in depth keyword research on all our package and provide you with the best keywords to put in your listing for better ranking.

How do I know you aren't giving the same product to everyone? 

This product research service aims to build long term business relationships and therefore each product search is unique. Besides that, every seller has different specifications and requirements so the leads would probably not suite you anyway. 

If the products you recommend are that good, why don't you sell them for yourself?

We are finding at least 10 leads a day across all Amazon platforms and there is simply no time to launch anything besides helping Amazon sellers to find leads. This is a full-time job! 

What tools do you use for the research?

We use the latest Amazon market research tools out there including Jungle Scout, Viral Launch - Market Intelligence, Black Box, Amasuite v5, Keyword Inpector, Tactical Arbitrage and TeikaMetrics. 

When will you deliver my products?

You will receive your research with 2 days from your order.

In what formats will I receive my research?

PDF and Excel Spreadsheets (Online).

Exclusive End Of Year Special Deal






Viral Launch Data

Jungle Scout Data

Idea Analysis

Market Trends

Suggested PPC

Cost Calculator

Page one statistics

Bundle Ideas

Review Analysis

80 page AMZ Ebook

+ ALL 5 Bonuses

Keyword Resarch

Reverse ASINS

Supplier Template

Amazon FBA Guide

Top 5000 Lists